Hitit University is the 10th Best University Among Universities Established After 2000

21 Ekim 19

According to the URAP list of academic performance of the universities, our university ranked among the top 10 among 95 universities established after 2000.

Even though we are only 13 years old, our university, which has improved its technical equipment and personnel infrastructure to a better point every year, draws attention with its academic success.

According to the data of University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory of METU Informatics Institute, our University achieved to be in the range of 400-449 points based on indicators such as articles, citations, total scientific documents, the number of students per faculty member and the number of doctoral students. With this score, our university which outdistanced 85 universities established after 2000, ranked among the top 10 by increasing 4 levels compared to last year.

Our university, which has achieved great success among the state universities, has become one of the most prominent universities. While HITU was ranked 55th in 2018, it succeeded in taking the 45th place this year.

While our university ranked 67th in 2018 according to URAP All Universities Ranking, this year it rose to 11 levels and became the 56th university with the best academic performance.

HITU has made a big increase in the list of URAP, which also evaluates the academic performance of the universities with medical faculties. In 2018, our University ranked 54th among the universities with medical faculties and ranked 43rd by rising 11 levels this year.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Öztürk, “We Have the Potential to Rank Better"

Stating that URAP ranking is an important measurement revealing the academic performance of universities in Turkey,  our Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Öztürk said that Hitit University achieves a better level each year in this ranking.

Prof. Dr. Öztürk stated that although Hitit University is a newly established university, it has achieved a very rapid development in the academic field. "By strengthening our infrastructure, we are striving to move our university to a better point. This success that we have achieved now has been realized as a result of the efforts of our faculty members as well as the opportunities offered by our university. At this point, I would like to congratulate all our academic staff and administrative staff for their efforts and success."

Stating that works will be carried out to move our University to a higher position, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Öztürk said, "As the senior management of the university, we continue our efforts to take all kinds of steps for more successful studies by providing the necessary support together with our administrative staff. Given the potential of our university and the high level qualifications of our faculty members, we need to consolidate our position in the top 10. In a sense, this success motivates us to go higher levels. We are determinedly advancing our target of high added value on behalf of our province, region and country."

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